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Stepping into your feminine power through soulful connection

The Village: Welcome

Welcome to The Village

Are you ready to take your growth and expansion to the next level?
October 17th

I am beyond excited and proud to bring you the second round of my two month container program, The Village!

This program is the perfect blend of everything that I am so passionate about;

>> Feminine & Masculine Energy

>> Women Empowerment

>> Sensuality & Pleasure

>> Personal Development

>> Holistic Health & Wellness

We are living in a patriarchal society but in a time where things are shifting. Women are stepping back into their power, healing their generational traumas, and showing that we can conquer the world not through our masculine abilities, but by learning how to conquer it in our own feminine way with flow, love, intuition, and trust in the universe and ourselves.

We are more disconnected than ever before and now more than ever we need a village of sisters by our side. The ones who will call us out on our bullshit and not allow our inner mean girl to rule us. Sisters who will be there as we give birth, cook with us, look after our children for an hour while we take a much needed nap, and answer the phone when we need to vent, cry, or celebrate. 

That's where The Village comes in.

Over the next two months you are going to:

>> Put yourself first

>> Get clear on your goals

>> Be challenged in the most beautiful ways

>> Create connections with other women travelling on this path alongside you

>> Learn from professionals about all things spirituality, pleasure, growth, and holistic health

Are you ready?

The Village: Text
The Village: Image

My love, are you...

>> Loving the growth you experienced in my 5 day program or workshops & wanting more

>> Feeling lost and not knowing where to go next

>> Desiring more from your life, partner, or job, but not sure how to manifest it

>> Despising your bleeding time instead of loving the creation & chance to start fresh

>> Looking in the mirror with judgement instead of love
>> Spending time focusing on other's pleasure but forgetting about your own
>> Craving soulful connections with other like minded women
>> Doing things because you "should" instead of doing things because it feels right in your soul
>> Holding onto internalised shame that you would like to release

The Village: About

I'm Hazel

After years in the personal development world attending conferences, trainings, seminars, and courses, it's time for me to bring what I have learnt to the women of the world in my own unique way.

I was once incredibly disconnected from myself, my feminine energy, my soul, and the spiritual realm. I felt like my pleasure should all come from my partner, felt ashamed about self pleasuring, my physical body and overall health was an absolute mess, and my inner mean girl was working overtime telling me that I wasn't enough. I wasn't pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, skinny enough, strong enough, or fit enough. 

This journey hasn't been easy, but it's been exciting, liberating, empowering, and pleasurable beyond belief!

By learning to tap into my feminine energy in this very masculine, patriarchal world, I have become the strongest, most powerful version of myself that has ever existed!

Now I want to guide more women along this journey of feminine awakening to gain their own clarity and strength.

The Village: Welcome

Our Focus

Loving yourself & being a woman

If you have done my 5 day challenge then you'll know just how passionate I am about loving being a woman, living in your feminine flow, prioritising pleasure, and accepting yourself for exactly where you are in this very moment. This program is going to be similar to my 5 day challenge...but so much bigger and better! 4 months of epic growth and self love!

Once we start accepting our true selves, the love can grow and from that we then bring in more play, pleasure, creativity, and unapologetic authenticity which ripples out to everyone we meet in life.

Goals & desires

WIthout an idea on our goals or desires, how can we put in the action to make it happen? Once we get clear on what we want from a partner, a career, or even just our day, we can begin working towards achieving that.

However, just working for goals without bringing joy into the equation is very masculine and something we all know very well, so it's time to learn how to achieve your goals while also working from your feminine flow out of desire and intuition instead of logic and structure. Are you ready?

Trusting the universe & tapping into it's power

Living in your feminine flow is all about following your intuition and trusting in the universe. I believe that the universe has a plan and a path for us all and the way to walk that path is by following our intuition because that's one of the biggest ways that the universe speaks to us.

This program will be all about learning to trust in the universe and follow the cues she sends us while also harnessing her power through manifestation and the law of attraction.

Nourishing your body to allow yourself to thrive

I am incredibly passionate about women's health and have recently taken myself on the journey of biohacking my cycle to balance my hormones and tap into the true power of the infradian clock that women are blessed to have.

It's hard to focus on your shadow work and self growth if you are struggling physically, and vise versa, so this program is going to be sprinkling in holistic health nuggets to help you feel better physically, so that you can put your full attention on the inner work you are here to do.

The Village: Features

Guest Teachers

Each month we will have 1-2 guest speakers jumping on a live zoom event to help take your growth journey to a higher level. Below are just some of the guests we will have the pleasure of hearing from.

The Village: Text

Christina Cerone

Energy Healer


Dywanna Kadir

Human Design Coach

The Village: Team

Danielle Hatton

Desire & Business Coach


Victoria Carrier

Mindfulness Guide

The Village: Team

Want to know more?

How much time do I need to commit?

This program is all about you so you can commit as much or as little time as you desire. Each week you will have the opportunity to jump on a live embodiment class with you sisters from the village to learn from myself and the wonderful women I'm collaborating with, or to watch a special masterclass recorded just for this program. Whether you are jumping on live or watching recordings, you can do these all in your own time around your current life schedule.

I know how busy life can get so I strive to make this a simple program that you can slot into your day effortlessly. If you are having an off week and not feel called to join the challenge then I urge you to follow your intuition and take the break that you need. I am ready to meet you all exactly where you're at an honour both the highs and the lows that come with life.

Does is matter what time zone I'm in?

Not at all! Our live calls are usually in the evenings in AEST but if this doesn't work for your schedule, then you can catch the recordings in your own time.

The Village: FAQ
The Village: Image


$300 per month

Monthly Investments

>> Two month container program
>> A new focus topic each week
>> Weekly whatsapp checkins
>> 2 live embodiment classes each month

>> 2 recorded masterclasses each month
>> Access to private FB sisterhood group
>> Invitation to live events (aus only)


Pay In Full

$50 off program price when paying in full

>> Two month container program
>> A new focus topic each week
>> Weekly whatsapp checkins
>> 2 live embodiment classes each month

>> 2 recorded masterclasses each month
>> Access to private FB sisterhood group
>> Invitation to live events (aus only)

The Village: Price List

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