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1:1 Coaching

3 month private container

Do you feel like you have blocks in your life that are holding you back from taking the next step or simply from feeling great about who and where you are in this world?

I bring acceptance love and approval to people’s slowest parts and help them see that within themselves.

1:1 Coaching with Hazel that is designed to guide you in areas in your life that are feeling sticky to bring you back to love, play, gratitude, and approval.


Throughout our 3-months together we will explore the 7 areas of life (Health, Mindset, Relationships, Productivity, Career, Finance, and Leadership/ Impact) and I will coach you to:


  • Find your true desires

  • Create deeper relationships

  • Release old stories that aren't serving you

  • Let go of expectations

  • Create financial stability

  • Bring in more play, love, & approval to your life.


What's included:

  • Nine 1-hour calls with Hazel to release what is no longer serving you and bring in more of what you desire

  • Home play to practice between our calls

  • Worksheets, readings, and book recommendations for those who want to go deeper and get even more out of our time together

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