Syncing your Cycle

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Learn how to naturally balance your hormones and bio-hack your cycle. As women we are blessed with a 28 day cycle and can tap into it's power if we eat, exercise, work, and socialise according to our cycle instead of constantly fighting against it. Far too many women are suffering through their monthly bleed struggling with PMS, bloating, heavy bleeds, painful cramps, mood swings, and so much more. While these symptoms are common, they aren't normal, and contrary to popular belief the pill doesn't fix these problems but just put a mask over them. By living with your cycle instead of against it you can tap into the true power of your cycle, balance your emotions, and learn to truly love being a woman! In this program I will walk you through how you can exercise, socialise, work, and eat according to the phase of your cycle you are in, and truly harness the power you are gifted as a vulva owner.

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Hazel Vaughan
Hazel Vaughan



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