Become a Mentor

Are you passionate about holistic health?

Do you have a dream to help and inspire others?

Are you already working in the health and wellness world or looking for a way to start?

Do you have dreams but your 9-5 has you feeling stuck?

This could be for you!

Becoming a wellness mentor within The Wellness Hub allows you to make an income while making an impact, you can fit it around your busy schedule, and you get your own products at a discounted rate!

When I first became a mentor I was working 60 hour weeks on a ski hill, I was struggling with my own health, and I had studies outdoor recreation (nothing in the health field)

The beautiful thing about TWH is that we provide our mentors with an astounding amount of resources and training to support them along their own journeys, so that they can support their members.

We hand you a business in a box, run weekly team trainings, give you not one, but two mentors to message whenever you have questions or would like guidance, and you will also get access to all team trainings that have been run for over 4 years!


The answer to your prayers

If you love what you have seen so far, let's jump on a call together!

I would love to hear how this business resonates with YOU and what your vision is for yourself and your future.

Send me a message on Instagram or email me so we can chat more, I can answer all of your questions, and you can jump into the next beautiful chapter of your life.


Nothing amazing happens by staying in your comfort zone