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Your Queen

Stepping into your feminine power through soulful connection

Accessing your Queen: Welcome

Are you ready to take your growth and expansion to the next level?
June 9th 2022

We are beyond excited to bring you our 1 month container program, Accessing Your Queen!

This program is the perfect blend of three sisters who are passionate about uplifting other women through;

>> Feminine & Masculine Energy

>> Women Empowerment

>> Sensuality & Pleasure

>> Personal Development

We are living in a patriarchal society but in a time where things are shifting. Women are stepping back into their power, healing their generational traumas, and showing that we can conquer the world not through our masculine abilities, but by learning how to conquer it in our own feminine way with flow, love, intuition, and trust in the universe and ourselves.

We are more disconnected than ever before and now more than ever we need a village of sisters by our side. The ones who will call us out on our bullshit and not allow our inner mean girl to rule us. Sisters who will be there as we give birth, cook with us, look after our children for an hour while we take a much needed nap, and answer the phone when we need to vent, cry, or celebrate. 

That's where Accessing Your Queen comes in.

Over the next month you are going to:

>> Put yourself first

>> Get clear on your goals

>> Be challenged in the most beautiful ways

>> Create connections with other women travelling on this path alongside you

>> Learn from professionals about all things spirituality, pleasure, growth, and holistic health

Are you ready?

Accessing your Queen: Text
Accessing your Queen: Image

My love, are you...

>> Loving the growth you experienced in my 5 day program or workshops & wanting more

>> Feeling lost and not knowing where to go next

>> Desiring more from your life, partner, or job, but not sure how to manifest it

>> Despising your bleeding time instead of loving the creation & chance to start fresh

>> Looking in the mirror with judgement instead of love
>> Spending time focusing on other's pleasure but forgetting about your own
>> Craving soulful connections with other like minded women
>> Doing things because you "should" instead of doing things because it feels right in your soul
>> Holding onto internalised shame that you would like to release

Accessing your Queen: About

Meet The Team


Hazel has been described as the "Embodiment Queen" by her sisters, and it's a title that she loves living up to.

She made the most of the change of pace that came to her life with the pandemic and switched from life as an adventure guide, to pursuing her purpose in the feminine leadership space.

She was disconnected from her :
- Self - Feminine - Soul - Spiritual realm - Sisterhood -

This journey hasn't been easy, but it's been exciting, liberating, empowering, and pleasurable beyond belief!

By learning to tap into her feminine energy in this very masculine, patriarchal world, She has become the strongest, most powerful version of herself that has ever existed!

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Carley Weissert

Carley works with women who want to appreciate, adore, and love the hell out of their bodies. She brings complete approval to every roll, stretch mark and curve, and gives total permission to want to transform your body—or not!

She holds a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a holistic health coach certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Using these alongside her personal experience with disordered eating and body image struggles, she guides women down the path of unapologetic self-love.

Carley lives in Pittsburgh with her two daughters and spends her free time deepening her self-development, exploring astrology, and experimenting with her hair color.

Caitlin Lili

Caitlin Lili is a women’s coach who focuses on helping mothers move out of martyrdom and into embodying their deepest, most delicious desires!

She has significant training in somatic breathwork and is also a trained reiki practitioner.

She lives and works out of Los Angeles with her two children and enjoys diving into personal development, spending time in sisterhood, and exploring her city.

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Accessing your Queen: Services

Our Focus

Loving yourself & being a woman

Learn how to truly love being a woman, live in your feminine flow, prioritise pleasure, and accept yourself for exactly where you are in this very moment.

Once you start accepting your true self, the love can grow and from that you can bring in more play, pleasure, creativity, and unapologetic authenticity which ripples out to everyone you meet in life.

We will guide you through meditations, breath-work, mirror exercises, and more to help you ground yourself in your body and have deep gratitude for your temple.

Letting go of obligations to make more space for your desires

In a world where putting yourself first is seen as selfish, we are here to advocate for your desires and needs.

We will give you the tools you need to see where you are living out of obligation, get clear on what you really want, and start living from your heart and intuition instead of always doing what makes the most sense logically, because what's the fun in always being sensible?

Trusting the universe & tapping into it's power

Living in your feminine flow is all about following your intuition and trusting in the universe. I believe that the universe has a plan and a path for us all and the way to walk that path is by following our intuition because that's one of the biggest ways that the universe speaks to us.


This program will be all about learning to trust in the universe and follow the cues she sends us while also harnessing her power through manifestation and the law of attraction.

Integrating this work into your relationships

Whether you are in relationship, wanting to call in your King or Queen, or simply wanting to create deeper connections with your friends and family, we want to support you in integrating the feminine work into your daily life.

Learn how to say the deeper thing, get wonderfully vulnerable, and do is with sisters by your side.

BONUS: Sensual Dance Class with Kassi Horn

One of the quickest ways to ground yourself and tap into your feminine energy is through movement.

Join us for a bonus call with the wonderful Kassi Horn as she guides you through a sensual dance class.

Accessing your Queen: Features
Accessing your Queen: Text

Want to know more?

How much time do I need to commit?

This program is all about you so you can commit as much or as little time as you desire. Each week you will have the opportunity to jump on a live embodiment class with your sisters from AYQ to learn from your coaches. Whether you are jumping on live or watching recordings, you can do these all in your own time around your current life schedule.

I know how busy life can get so I strive to make this a simple program that you can slot into your day effortlessly. If you are having an off week and not feel called to join the challenge then I urge you to follow your intuition and take the break that you need. I am ready to meet you all exactly where you're at an honour both the highs and the lows that come with life.

Does is matter what time zone I'm in?

Not at all! Our live calls will be in mornings for Australians and afternoons/evenings for Americans, but if this doesn't work for your schedule then you can catch the recordings in your own time.

Accessing your Queen: FAQ
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Pay in full

$444 USD

$635 AUD

Pay in 4 installments

$111 USD

$160 AUD

Accessing your Queen: Price List
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