My Story

How I Got To This Very Moment

If you haven't yet met me, my name is Hazel

I'm an Australian, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a collegue, an adventure guide, a health mentor, and a bit of a weirdo... but really all I am is human. I'm passionate about a whole lot of things, I cry a lot, I laugh even more, I love to sing and dance, I'm silly, I make mistakes, I usually learn from them, but sometimes I don't, I give a lot of love, I have way too many unanswered messages in my inbox, I get anxious, I get sad, and I embrace every emotion that comes my way because we cannot have the highs without the lows.

After spending years as an adventure guide I realised that I wanted more from life.

I wanted to:

>> Feel amazing in my body and not be bloated and gassy all the time

>> Have the funds to travel more without dipping into my savings

>> Create a business around my busy lifestyle so that when I eventually wanted to start a family, I could do so without the financial stress of leaving my career

>> Help inspire others to live their best lives

>> Reconnect with my femininity, my sensuality, and guide other women to do the same

- Buy a home on wheels and travel around the beautiful country I live in, a dream since I was young

- Give back to the people I love

I knew what I wanted, but had no idea how I would get there, So in 2018 I joined a beautiful team of women who would support me along the journey on entrepreneurship and holistic health.

I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere until I found these beautiful women, the support and training I got was phenominal! They helped me start my own business, held space for me during a big break up, encouraged me to grow my leadership skills and start running trainings and events, taught me how to live more mindfully, danced with me, laughed with me, cried with me.

Now I am living in my beautiful home on wheels, I'm running an international business helping others with their health, sensuality, and happiness, and I finally know how I am going to reach all of the goals I have.

So strap in, because this is going to be a wild ride!

All my love,

Hazel xx